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Boat rental in Ibiza

Sailing boats, catamarans and yachts with skipper and without license.

In Navega por Ibiza you will find everything you need to know when renting a boat in Ibiza or Formentera.

A lot of information like for example:

  • Advice if it is your first time
  • What life on board is like on a ship
  • A day trip by boat
  • Which boats are the most economical
  • The best restaurants in Formentera and Ibiza by boat
  • What are the best routes or excursions in Ibiza and Formentera
  • Sharing a boat to make it cheaper or more economical
  • Bachelorette parties in ibiza, or bachelorhood.
  • Romantic night on a boat
  • How much does it cost to rent a boat in Ibiza
  • Choose between sailing boat or motor boat
  • The cheapest boats in Ibiza or more expensive

Sailing boat charter in Ibiza

We have all types of sailing boats, of sizes and quality according to your budget, from a double cabin, up to 5 cabins and 3 bathrooms, for a day trip for 11 people, several nights or a week on board for 10 people. Sailing boats would be the most economical boats to rent, as their main means of propulsion is the wind.

Your family vacation in Ibiza with friends or with a couple, all included, Ibiza is for everyone,.

Yacht charter in Ibiza, price and sizes

After the sailboats would be the cheapest or economic boats, its main feature is its stability due to its width, imagine two sailboats together and in the middle the kitchen and in the skates the cabins, if you want to spend a week on board ibiza and enjoy much comfort and affordable price, can be your boat to rent, up to 5 cabins and 5 bathrooms available and up to 11 people to sleep.

We also have large catamarans for groups or private events, more than 12 people up to 150 people,

catering, barbecue, drinks on board, dj or simply for a boat party in Ibiza.

Boat rental without license or with skipper

Great variety of boats and motorboats, if you like speed, see many places, do water sports, or get to the shore with the same boat, there is no doubt, these are your boats.

We have boats with a skipper and without a license or without a skipper, we advise you according to your experience.

Boat routes in coves and beaches of Ibiza
Routes and boat trips in coves and beaches of Formentera

Ask us your questions about your boat holiday in Ibiza, you won’t regret it, Ibiza 2020!

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