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Romantic night

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We propose a romantic night aboard a sailboat in Ibiza. Spending the night rocked by the sea, under the moonlight is undoubtedly the most beautiful and original gift you can give your partner. The captain of La Bella Lola, Diego, will pick you up on the shore at Las Salinas beach. At dusk, the light and tranquility of this beach is a real wonder. You will enjoy a pleasant ride in the zodiac until you reach the boat, where you will be welcomed and shown how the facilities work.

Our Bella Lola is a classic Jeaneau Sun Odissey 34.2 model sailboat, with 10.30 meters long and 3.29 meters wide. She has 3 fully equipped double cabins, we will prepare one especially for you, where you will feel like true sailors and you can be as comfortable as in your own home.

The cabins of La Bella Lola

Let yourself be enveloped in the magical light of the evening at sea, have a glass of wine with your partner while you listen to the gratifying sound of the sea and watch the last seagulls flying over the ocean. Enjoy the last swim at sea and end the night with a delicious dinner for two on board. Live a romantic night on a boat in Ibiza.

Interior Features

The sailboat has a fridge, oven and gas stove, so you only have to choose what you want to prepare for dinner and once it is ready you can sit down and enjoy a tasty dinner on the deck table under the stars, or in the living room sailboat … we leave it to your taste and choice …

The sailboat has a CD radio with USB to play soft music on deck to accompany you during the romantic evening. You can bring a USB with music of your choice if you wish, you also have to connect your mobile phone.

After dinner, if you want to continue enjoying yourself, we suggest you have a drink or a cocktail lying on the deck mats, with the light of the candles and watching the stars, you will end the night caressed by the sea breeze.

In the morning, for the early risers, it is very nice to wake up early to see the sunrise from the sea, a true spectacle of nature. On the sailboat we have a coffee maker so you can prepare a quick breakfast. It also includes a paddle surf board and snorkeling games that we suggest you to try and take an early morning walk, as it is very relaxing.

The departure will take place approximately around 10-11 in the morning. Your captain will meet you, ask you about the beautiful evening, and take you back to shore.

It will be a very special night that you will always remember … and of course we hope that you will repeat the experience soon.

Book your romantic night on a sailboat in Ibiza, La Bella Lola is waiting for you !!

This price includes:

Zodiac fuel

Comfort pack – bed linen and towels

Initial and final cleaning

Stateroom Decoration

Paddle surf board


Wine and cava

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