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Ibiza with the family and children.

Ibiza as a family: an island to suit all tastes


Ibiza with the family and children, The family activities on Ibiza are diverse and cater for all tastes. For example, on the island you can practise water sports such as diving, windsurfing and sailing. You can also go on boat trips to the island’s coves and beaches, or visit the surrounding towns and cities. Enjoy it on board one of our boats.

Travelling to Ibiza with children, ACTIVITIES WITH CHILDREN ON BOAT

There are many things to do with children in Ibiza. For example, you can visit the water parks, the shops and restaurants in the area or the lively parties that are organised on the island. Ibiza’s nightlife is very lively and offers a wide variety of bars, discos and entertainment venues.

Children can also have fun in the theme parks, on the island’s beaches and coves or in the activities organised by the hotels. You can also practice water sports such as scuba diving, windsurfing or sailing, if you want something more professional and want to learn to sail, we recommend this nautical school in Tarragona.

Children can have fun in the water parks, in the shops and restaurants in the area or at the lively parties that are organised on the island. Ibiza’s nightlife is very lively, and offers a wide variety of bars, discos and entertainment venues.

Typical Ibiza gastronomy to enjoy with the family

The typical gastronomy of Ibiza is a mixture of the traditions of Mediterranean cuisine with influences from other countries such as Morocco, Greece and Turkey. This is reflected in its wide variety of dishes and specialities, which include a wide variety of fresh seafood, fish and meat dishes, and a wide selection of vegetables and fruits.

Ibiza’s typical gastronomy is also characterised by its use of spices and herbs, including cumin, thyme, rosemary, basil and oregano. In addition, typical Ibiza dishes include many seasonal products, such as Modena wine, olive oil, goat’s cheese, figs and lemons.

Typical Ibiza desserts that you can enjoy on your family boat trip

Ibiza’s desserts are a delight for lovers of good food. This island is famous for its exquisite variety of desserts, from traditional egg flans to modern fruit desserts. Ibiza’s desserts have a unique touch that makes them very special. Fresh fruit and cream are the main ingredients in most of Ibiza’s desserts.

niños en ibiza

Ibiza’s desserts are also famous for their wide variety of flavours, from sweet to savoury. This means that there is something for all tastes. Ibiza’s desserts are also known for their variety of presentations, from traditional to modern. This makes Ibiza’s desserts a real treat for lovers of good food.

A list of typical Ibiza desserts

-Almond cake: An almond and honey cake typical of the island.

-Leche frita: A dessert of milk with sugar, cinnamon and fried bread.

-Ensaimada: A cream and butter cream cake with a sugar and cinnamon topping.

-Cheesecake: A cheesecake with a biscuit base.

-Gofio volteado: A mixture of gofio flour and condensed milk typical of the island.

-Orange cake: A cake made of orange, egg and sugar.

-Egg flan: An egg flan with milk and sugar.

-Rice pudding: A dessert of rice pudding, cinnamon and almonds.

Famous dishes in Ibiza

Paella: One of the most famous dishes in Spanish gastronomy, paella is a traditional dish from Ibiza that is prepared with rice, seafood, chicken, vegetables and spices.

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2. Gazpacho: one of the refreshing and refreshing Ibicencan dishes, gazpacho is prepared with ripe tomatoes, peppers, onion, garlic and olive oil.

3. Frito Mallorquín: An Ibicencan version of the traditional Mallorcan dish, frito Mallorquín consists of a mixture of fish, seafood, potatoes and onions.

4. Arroz Negro: another typical Ibiza rice dish, arroz negro is prepared with black rice, clams and prawns.

5. Caldereta de Langosta: a traditional Ibizan dish.

Gastronomy on board a boat in Ibiza

The gastronomy on boats in Ibiza is based on the island’s traditional cuisine, with Mediterranean influences. Typical dishes include salt fish, rice with lobster, Ibizan gazpacho and fish pie. International dishes such as barbecued chicken, beef fillet and sushi are also served. Typical desserts include egg flan, cheesecake and nougat ice cream.

Famous restaurants in Ibiza

The list of famous restaurants in Ibiza is long, but we can highlight some of them.

Es Can SAla: located on the Talamanca beach promenade, Es Can Sala is one of the most prestigious restaurants on the island. It offers signature cuisine based on local produce and spectacular sea views.

El Bulli: Founded in 1969 by the chef Ferran Adrià, El Bulli is one of the most famous and renowned restaurants in the world. It is located in Roses, on the north coast of Catalonia, and offers avant-garde cuisine based on innovation and the use of seasonal produce.

El Chiringuito de Pepe: located in Cala Jondal, it is one of the most famous beach bars in Ibiza. It offers Mediterranean cuisine based on local produce and a stunning view of the sea.

La Paloma: located in San Antonio, La Paloma is one of the oldest restaurants on the island. It offers a Mediterranean cuisine based on local products and a breathtaking view of the sea.

The gastronomic beauty of Ibiza is breathtaking, offering a wide variety of restaurants with cuisines from all over the world. The island is famous for its spectacular sea views, and its restaurants are no exception.

After spending a few days in Ibiza, family members can get a better idea of the activities they would like to repeat in the future.

The island has a lot to offer, whether they prefer to enjoy the beach and sun, explore the culture and history, the gastronomy or take part in outdoor activities. In any case, Ibiza is sure to leave no one indifferent.

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