How much does it cost to charter a boat Ibiza?

Visiting Ibiza, Formentera, its beaches and restaurants is the best holiday plan, but how much does it cost to rent a boat? Today we will tell you from the most cost-effective options to the most luxurious ones. And most importantly, before you finish reading this article, you will find out how you can rent a boat without making a dent in your savings.

Advantages of renting a boat in Ibiza

-Privacy: finding a place for your towel will be a very difficult task. Just think how easy it will be for you to bathe freely without any hassle.

-Comfort: you won’t have to worry about where to lie down. Enjoy the experience of enjoying with your friends the music you want and the places you prefer.

– Activities: Ibiza is a coast full of coves and accessible by boat, you will be able to personalise an experience full of activities: fishing, snorkelling, visiting sports, taking photographs and discovering the gastronomy of the area.

Details to take into account before hand

-Gasoline: animportantpartofthe expenses, so youshouldalwaysask. The cost will depend on the engine and the distance traveled.

-Sizes and characteristics: the fundamental part that governs the price, we can choose between sailboat, catamaran, luxury yacht. Also, take into account the skipper. -IVA: pay attention to the taxes because some offers do not reflect on their budgets

Price of renting a boat in Ibiza

Now a days there are a multitude of options when it comes to renting a boat in Ibiza; diversity of prices, options and duration. That’s why Surf Ibiza offers you personalized advice so that you can find the right balance between the right price and the ideal price. Bear in mind that renting a sailboat is not the same as renting a motorboat. These prices refer, of course, to the rest of a complete boat for you and your group of friends or family.

In very general terms, renting a boat in Ibiza can cost from €350 to €10,000. As you can see the margin between one and the other simmense and that is due to the variety of supply and demand in this large sector. For example the price of €350 would be a smallboat without skipper for 4 or 5 people, and for € 9,500 we would have an incredible luxury yacht with 5 cabins, space for 10 people and everything included.

Another example is the price of a catamaran that will cost approximately 900 euros depending on the season, with space for 11 people and an 8 hour excursion to visit Formentera.

In this Gulet for rent in Ibiza, we will give you several rental options, it has many extras such as food, with a variety of catering and menus, hostesses, cook or inflatable toys, all apart from the price of the boat, we choose all the extras we want to rent only the boat with its two skippers, we have all the possible information in the link above. Price from €3200.

From approximately €1500 we can rent two boats in Ibiza, everything will depend on the size of the boats, for example two boats of 10 meters each for 7 people per boat, it is a good option when we have a tight budget and can live a day on a boat in Ibiza the whole group.

While the cheap stops sharing a boat for half a day, you will be able to exchange experiences, spend a moment and meet new people. Boats haring will always be the cheapest price.

Now you know! You can choose which boat torrent, and we will advise you on the budget you have, how many people you are and the route you want to do. We will advise you on how the sea is, and what type of boat torrent, sailing boats or motor boats.

We have the experience in the field to ensure that, when you get one of our sailboats, yachts or motor boats, you will travel to fascinate destinations and save captivating images. Ask for a quote directly from your WhatsApp +34 647743437