The best destinations to rent a catamaran in Spain.

Catamarans are already among the most popular boats for sailing, so we present you with a guide to the best destinations to rent a catamaran in Spain and spend your holidays relaxing on the high seas.

But first, here are a few tips you should know before renting a catamaran.

Catamaran in Ibiza sailing 67 feet

Can the catamaran be rented for a single day?

Yes, it is possible to rent a catamaran for a single day, but from Navega por Ibiza we recommend weekly rentals to enjoy the experience.

Can I rent a catamaran without a skipper?

On our website you will find catamarans that you can rent without a skipper, but you must have an appropriate Nautical License, more info more info about nautical qualifications and courses, Escuela Nautica Tarragona.

What activities can I do on board a catamaran?

We offer different activities that will be included in the price of the catamaran rental, such as: surfing, snorkeling, sailing, sailing with a skipper.

Diego and Ana snorkelling in Ibiza

or paddle surfing

Paddle surfing in Formentera

One suggestion is to always ask us, we can also design a specific route and activities to your liking.

Drone views of the beach of Illetes

Now we start looking at destinations to rent a catamaran:


Views of Ibiza castle from one of our boats.

There is no better way to start this list than with Ibiza, a very popular destination for the national and international public, and to be totally honest, it is the star of this list because it has a stunning coastline with many coves and beaches of white sand and turquoise water surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation. Sounds like a great holiday destination.

Las Salinas Beach

Visiting its beaches and coves is a must, so I recommend you read our guide with the best suggestions, come on, because we know you won’t have enough time.

Tarida Cove Ibiza


Formentera has many reasons to choose it as your main destination if you want to rent a catamaran, but we have summarized the most important ones if you decide to do so. Keep in mind that the wonderful thing about the Pitiusa island is the possibility of spending the best holidays with family, friends or couple because it has something for all tastes and budgets.

One of the top 5 beaches of Formentera, Cala Des Mort

Formentera can only be reached by sea so you can check on our website the incredible prices and offers we have designed for you. We also show you the best restaurants to get there by boat and enough talk, it’s time to indulge yourself and discover the routes, culture and gastronomy of Formentera.

Cala Des Mort from above

In our section of catamaran rentals we have different


The largest of the islands of the Balearic archipelago is Mallorca, and it could not be left out of this list. Mallorca,

Port of Soller in Mallorca

has some excellent facilities and seabed that stand out as some of the most important in the world. Recommendations before visiting the island is that you should know that the sun is very strong, while the temperature in summer reaches between 29 and 31 degrees.

Soller harbour area

The high season for sailing with the most stable conditions is from June to September and these are ideal dates for you to visit the beaches of Formentera and the beaches d’es Carbó and d’es Caragol.

One of the beautiful beaches of Mallorca


The welcome to Alicante is fascinating for its views, but the sea is a different story. Its seabed teeming with life, ideal for snorkelling or scuba diving, is what awaits you in this natural treasure of the Costa Blanca.

Alicante Beach

A catamaran trip along Alicante’s coastline means visiting Cala del Moraig and La caleta de Villajoyosa, places that capture the beauty of Alicante in a miniature form.

One of the many beaches of Alicante

It also has one of the most unique diving spots in Spain, the first Marine Reserve in the country, the Tabarca Island Marine Reserve, protected since 1986.


We finish our destination in Blanes, which, if we come from the south, is for many people the beginning of the Costa Brava. It is mainly characterised by coarse, white sand and the Cala de Lloret de Mar is the longest beach in the town. Blanes, Barcelona offers its visitors five beaches, Treumal, Sant Francesç, Santa Anna, Blanes and S’Abanell.

Beautiful views of Blanes beach

Blanes is a different but always successful date, its privileged location will always make it one of the best destinations.

Have you already chosen the place?

Now we will leave you with two click the option to rent it according to your budget and days. But we leave you three of the most rented by our audience:

  • Lagoon 42 with space for 12 people and with an approximate price of 1300 euros.
  • Belize 43 with space for 11 people and with an approximate price of 1400 euros.
  • Catamaran 52 Luxury: with space for 12 people and with an approximate price of 1580 euros.
Catamaran for charter in Ibiza

When you book with Navega Por Ibiza we want you to feel at ease and that is why we create the best experiences for you.