The best routes on a catamaran

Ready to discover the best routes to explore in Ibiza? Welcome to our blog, in our article we will show you how to discover Ibiza from a catamaran. Catamaran routes in ibiza.

The first thing is to find the right catamaran, for them you can check our Catamaran Charter section or write us directly to give you personalized advice.

catamaran hire ibiza
Large deck of one of our catamarans

We start by telling you that this is the perfect experience if you are a lover of water and experiences.

The best routes from a catamaran

Salada Cove

As a good start, we’d have to leave you delighted so Cala Salada is perfect.

saladeta beach ibiza
Cove Saladeta in Ibiza

It has turquoise waters and a sandy bottom, what more could you ask for from life? Bear in mind, it’s always crowded and getting somewhere to throw in your towel is impossible, so the catamaran is your salvation.

salada beach ibiza
Cove Salada in Ibiza

Es Vedrá

es vedra restaurant
Views from the Restaurant Es Boldado towards Es Vedra

We arrive at a nature reserve full of value and history, one of the most visited places by tourists who come to Ibiza by boat.

es vedra from formentera
Views of Es Vedra from the beach of Espalmador

Get your phone ready because its beauty and majesty is such that you won’t want to stop photographing it.

navega por ibiza es vedra
Sailing towards Es Vedra

Porroig Bay

The refuge of boats, yachts and catamarans and to your surprise it is a place that has not yet been invaded by tourists.

porroig beach ibiza
Porroig Bay, very sheltered from the winds.

There are no restaurants or beach bars, so be prepared. But it will all be worth it to feel the tranquillity of its crystal clear waters.

Espalmador Island

illetes and espalmador beach
Illetes beach and behind Espalmador island

We have arrived in paradise and we are not exaggerating, this island is an obligatory stop on your holiday, no matter how many times you travel to Ibiza. Its views are unique, but the flora and fauna will surprise you the most.

espalmador beach
Espalmador Island

Ses illetes

Typical Formentera waters

This is Formentera’s most famous beach and considered by large platforms to be among the best in the world. Its seabed is the envy of the world.

illetes beach
Illetes beach on the Levante side of Spain.

of all Spain, and on your catamaran excursions to its nearby coves will give you a whole weekend to enjoy.

Why explore Ibiza by catamaran?

  • Privacy
  • Free space
  • Private parties
catamaran big ibiza
Large deck of our Lagoon 52 catamaran.

Those three points are just the beginning of a list of advantages that boats offer as opposed to houses or hotels (which in high season become expensive and all sold out).

You should also know that when we refer to catamaran routes, it’s not just beaches and coves that are included, there are many places you can go as a sailor.

How many days are needed to tour Ibiza?

jacuzzy catamaran ibiza
One of our top catamarans, with jacuzzy.

This section will depend on several factors because you need to take into account your free days and your budget. But generally 3 days is recommended and you will avoid missing out on the main sights.

Top tips for your catamaran holidays

  • Clothes and shoes

We already know that in Ibiza the heat is abundant, but be careful if you have a fringed dress because they tend to get tangled. The most important thing will always be comfort.

  • Galley

The catamaran is perfectly equipped for eating on board, although Ibiza’s gastronomic offerings are well worth it, and don’t be afraid, there are plenty of places to eat on board all budgets. I recommend you to check in our blog that we show you the restaurants with the best prices.

catamaran ibiza hire
The galley exit with this area to relax, eat and rest.
  • Seasickness

It is difficult to get seasick on a catamaran, as it is much more stable than a sailboat, but the main trick is not to get stuck on it, it is very important to feel the air.

  • Booking

The best holidays always take planning, don’t rely on time being enough and book in advance for the best catamaran. That way you’ll have plenty of choice and better prices. without license Escuela Nautica Tarragona

Now that you know the tips, the days and the best routes, you are ready to make the most of your summer holiday on board a catamaran in Ibiza.