que ver y hacer formentera

What to do and see in Formentera? The best guide for your trip

Formentera is one of Spain’s top tourist destinations every year, and how could it not be? Crystal-clearbeaches, lighthouses full of history and dreamy sunsets are just the beginning of this route full of tips. Ready for a visit? We’re setting sail and we’ll tell you every thing there is to see and do in Formentera.

How to get to Formentera?

Unlike other of the Balearic Islands, there are no airports on Formentera. But we have several options by sea, on the one hand by ferry from Ibiza. On the other hand, by ferry from different Spanish cities such as Barcelona, ​​Valencia or Denia. It is important to know that the ferry route is the cheapest but in July and August the demands are over whelming.

The other way is rent a private boat from Ibiza, this way gives you comfort and exclusivity. The price of a sailing boat ranges from €500 with a journey of a fan hour and a half sailing from Ibiza to Formentera and in a motor boat you can be there in 30 minutes. The price of these boats can be a bit more expensive due to the fuel. It is ideal if you have decided to go in a group of friends or family.

How do I get around Formentera?

One of the first questions you always ask is related to transport with in the island, and although you can choose between bus, car, bicycle and motor bike we have made a summary of each:

  • Car: If you want a car, there are two main ways, one to take the car on the ferry for an extra charge or rent a car directly at the port.
  • Bus: they have regular lines and on their website you will find all the necessary documentation: prices, routes and time tables.
  • Bike: the most bohemian option, but only recommended if you’ respending several days on the island. Bear in mind that it is 20 kilometers from end to end.
  • Motorbike: if you are traveling with your partner, this is the best stop without a doubt. You’ll find different options to choose from and don’t care, the roads are in perfect condition.

Top 10 places to visit in Formentera

Caló des Morts

The Caló des Morts cove welcomes you with an image ever to be forgotten. Located in the large bay of Migjorn, it is a small cove in a natural setting with rocks and crystal clear water, where you can also see the old traditional boat docks. But be careful! In the high season it is it is difficult to find a place for a towel. Magic and beauty easily describes our first stop in Formentera.

Illetes Beach

The beach of Illetesis a true paradise: crystal clear waters, white sand and considered among the most beautiful beaches in the world, what a luxury! Located in the north of the island, it forms part of the Ses Salines Natural Area, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It is also a favorite with many for its seabed, which attracts the most loyal snorkelling and surfing enthusiasts.

You can reach the beach of Ses Illetes by car or by public transport: the bus is very convenient and runs frequently.

Cape of Barbarian Lighthouse

The first of the lighthouses we will visit located at the southern point of Formentera, and formany who has seen the film “Lucia and Sexo” it needs no introduction. It is also one of the points with the highest number of tourists every year. Get your mobile phone ready because you’ll find the best landscapes for Instagram, take advantage and stop by your first, you’ll have plenty of inspiration.

Sant Francesc Xavier

The capital of Formentera is another stop on our journey. We can find all the services we need: chemist, bank, shops, restaurants, but its best known place is the square, as it is the center of meetings and leisure. Through its church, balconies and buildings you will get to know the history of the island and its special charm.

Pilar de la Mola craftmarket

Would you like to take home a souvenir of your holiday? Well, we’ve arrived at the most famous and hippie market on Formentera. You’ll find bracelets, T-shirts, bags and many talented local artisans. So don’t forget to make a note of it on your list of places to visit.

Espalmador Island Tour

Espalmador is a privately owned land located in the north of the island of Formentera, 2,925 m long and 800 m wide. Its beaches are the perfect place to disconnect from so many days of work and shout “well deserved holidays! It also contains a small muddy lagoon that was used by visitors to take mud baths.”

La Mola Lighthouse

The Faro de la Mora lighthouse is the highest point on the island, inaugurated in 1861 and with a spectacular view of the cliff overlooking the sea from a height of 120 metres. After visiting you will be as enchanted as the writer Jules Verne and you will find pure magic in every step you take on the way up.

Es Pujols

Pujols is spoiled for choice, formanyitis remarkable for its meters of beach and the paradisiacal image of the Caribbean, a beach in the shape of two semi circles interrupted by a sequence of rocks. Surrounding it are restaurants, all with sea food menus, and a promenade lined with stalls and other venues. While other tourists only look forward to Pujols at night, to enjoy the night life in disco the questions such as Xueno and La Pineta.

Last tips before visiting Formentera

Now that you know a guide of places to visit in Formentera, remember that it is more common to travel to the island from April to October, however, the months of July and August, it is much hotter, it is a bit crowded, so it is better to use a boat. Also with us you will have several options of personalized routes, excursions from Ibiza and many activities to make the most of your stay in Formentera.