alquiler de catamaran en Ibiza y Formentera

Catamarán rent in Ibiza, Prices and Sizes

The catamaran or multihull is the boat that is characterized by having two parallel hulls of equal size. Its main feature is its stability because they are wider than a sailboat, as  they have two keels and another feature is that they are very light and have little ballast, they can be sailing or motor simply without sails. If you want to know the characteristics and prices for catamarán rental stay in our post, catamarán rent in Ibiza.

Advantages of hiring a catamaran

  • Intimacy: when it comes to living on board, since having two hulls joined by a saloon, some people can occupy the star board side and others the port side, for example adults and children, or boys and girls.
  • Living area: much more than that of a monohullsailboat, more vision as the interior in them middle of the catamaranis full of windows, and at the same time more ventilated.
  • Shallow draft: this is an advantage because we can get closer to the shore of any beach, so anchoring at a depth of two meters is no problem.
  • Width: the more stability, the less rolling, so less seasickness in general.

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All our catamarans have a zodiac ordering hy with its outboard motor, with these boats access and visits to the beach is guaranteed, we anchor the catamaran and our skipper will take us to visit the beach we want, even down to lunch or dinner in some of the beach bars that has the islands of Ibiza and Formentera.

Price for renting a catamaran for a week

Renting a catamaran for a week in Ibiza can vary quite a lot in price, as it will depend on several factors: how many people we are, the size of the catamaran and the summer season we want to rent.

Of course the size matters as the bigger the catamaran the more comfortable you will be onboard, we can start talking about a 12 meter catamaran which has four double cabins, two one each side of the saloon and is ready for 8 people.

Take into account the skipper and how important this rest is. On catamarans from 13 meters upwards, there are cabins called hutches in the bowsofthe skates, an ideal place for the skipper, his rest and more privacy for us and ours, for life on board for a week on the catatamaran.

All catamarans usually have 4 double cabins, but the longer the catamaran and its bedrooms, bathrooms and saloon, the more comfortable it will be.

Looking for more comfort? We have hostesses and cooks so that you only have to worry about enjoying your catamaran and the landscapes that the islands of Ibiza and Formentera have to offer. The prices or salaries of these people range between €150 and €180 per day.

The weekly rentals of boats in Ibiza, usually start from Saturday to Saturday, around 12 am you can enjoy and start your week on a boat, and leave it at 10 am the following Saturday, this is common.

Although if you have other ideas, don’t forget to tell us, in Navega por Ibiza we adapt to your needs about the days of the week.

Renting a catamaran without skipper in Ibiza

Can I rent a catamaran without a license? If you are looking for the possibility of renting a catamaran in Ibiza without a skipper we have several options for you.

In terms of requirements you will need: a nautical curriculum and experience, a small sea test and a deposit of €1,500 to €2,000 per week.

The procedure to follow after having made two payments is a checking of the catamaran, checking that the delivery of the boat to the clients all correct, you can ask questions, inform you of any point of the catamaran for your safety and interest, once both parties agree, the contract will be signed, and the deposit will be blocked by credit card.

In thatweekwithyourrentedboat, wewill be waitingforyouforanyquestionsorsuggestions, yourholiday in Ibiza can not miss anything.

For more details do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to give you personalized vice on your holiday in Ibiza.