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Caves of Formentera by boat

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Roadmap to the Caves of Formentera


From beaches of Ibiza, or ports of Ibiza. Approximate time 11:00 in the morning


Cala Saona. One of the most beautiful and charming coves on the island.


Punta Rasa. Caves of Formentera. Food on board.


Back to Ibiza, towards our starting point, the beach.


Visit the best beaches of Formentera from a boat.

Rent a boat in Ibiza and you can enjoy the paradisiacal and intimate caves of Formentera and Cala Saona, is another of the boat routes in Ibiza and Formentera that without a doubt, is worth doing. We will visit the western part of the island of Formentera.

This route is suitable for true sailing lovers, since the journey takes a little longer than the other Formentera route, where you visit the protected island of Espalmador and the beautiful beach called Illetes, in the island of Formentera, considered one of the 5 best beaches in the world. In this route of caves of Formentera, the sailing trip is 2 hours to 2 and a half hours by sailboat, without stopping, leaving from the southern part of Ibiza, by motor boat will take us an hour, but we can stop in a cove before reaching the caves.

Departure from Ibiza

The starting point will be in some of the many beaches of Ibiza, or ports of Ibiza. The approximate time of departure will be 11 in the morning, although as you know we can adapt to your schedule in case you prefer to get up a little earlier and take advantage of your day with friends or family aboard one of our boats, according to the summer season that you visit us, we can advise you what time it is best to be able to enjoy the sea and the sun.

When you are all ready to start the adventure of the caves of Formentera and Cala Saona, we will get on board and settle in to start the trip to Formentera and... let the adventure begin.


Saona Cove

You can relax and sunbathe on the boat, while enjoying the beautiful views of this journey. The approximate duration until the first stop on this route is one hour of navigation, although it may vary a bit depending on the type of boat you choose.

Saona Cove

The first stop on this boat route in Formentera will be in Cala Saona. It is one of the most beautiful and charming coves on the island of Formentera, small in size (about 150 meters approximately) and surrounded by green pine trees. Cala Saona is in a location from which we will have privileged views of the famous Islote de Es Vedrá and beautiful images at sunset.

It is a quiet cove with no waves and with turquoise and transparent blue waters, an ideal place to anchor for a while so that you can swim, snorkel and visit the cove with your friends. In this cove there are two restaurants, both with great service and views. One of them is El Sol Restaurant and the other is Chacala. In the center of the beach is the famous Hotel Cala Saona & Spa.

On one of the sides of Cala Saona is the famous and picturesque Bartolo beach bar. It is a small corner with just 5 tables but it is undoubtedly the most beautiful beach bar in Formentera.


After spending a few hours in this beautiful cove, we will set off for the caves of Formentera. These caves are located between Cala Saona and the famous lighthouse of Cap de Barbaria of Formentera.

Punta Rasa

From Cala Saona to the caves of Formentera we will travel approximately half an hour, during the tour you can enjoy the landscape, since in the surroundings of this cove are the cliffs of Punta Rasa and they are all full of small caves that make the environment a very special place. If you feel like it, you could anchor here for a while and get a little closer to them with the boat's assistant so that you can swim and dive a little near them and contemplate these spectacular landscapes.

Caves of Formentera

Once we reach the incredible caves of Formentera, we will anchor at a point close to them and we will access the caves by swimming. It is a really beautiful place, with a tour magic interior, in which we will meet a jump into a well and we can dive inside the cave.

The completely crystalline water and diving here is a privilege. The most daring may jump from some jumps, snorkel and take fun photos with our water camera.

Food on board

If you have not yet eaten anything in the beach bars that we have mentioned before, another option that would be very suitable would be to prepare food on board.

As for example a delicious barbecue on our sailboat La Bella Lola, or any type of food or snack that you have previously chosen with your group of friends.

As you already know, in each and every one of our boats we have refrigerators to keep cold the drinks you want, soft drinks, water, wine ... which, as we have already commented in the description of our boats, in our services of boat rental in Ibiza, some complimentary soda. Of course also the food you bring can be kept in perfect condition in the fridge.


Back to Ibiza, towards our starting point

After spending a day touring the western part of Formentera together by boat, visiting the most charming cove on the island, Cala Saona and getting to know the famous Formentera caves, it will be time to head back to Ibiza, towards our point of exit, Las Salinas beach.


The approximate time of departure to Ibiza will be sunset time, a perfect time to enjoy the ride back, since with the sunset light everything is seen in a special way, the sunset, the color of the sky reflected in the sea , the background music… you and your friends can relax and contemplate a privileged environment. On the right side we will see the coast of Formentera and on the left side we can see Es Vedrá, while little by little we arrive at our destination...

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