The 10 best restaurants to eat in Formentera by boat


When chartering a boat with us we are often asked about the best places to eat in Formentera. This luxurious island in the Mediterranean has its own gastronomic appeal. In this article I would like to give you my top 10 best restaurants in Formentera.

1. Es Ministre

Photo taken from the Tripadvisor profile of the restaurant “Es Ministre”.

Arriving from Ibiza, this is the first restaurant you will come across. The Minister’s slogan is: “Paradise à la carte”. Here you can enjoy a widerangeoffish and rice dishes. We consider it to be one of the cheapest restaurants on the beach.

2. Juan and Andrea

Photo taken from the Trip advisor profile of the restaurant  “Juan y Andrea”.

Juan and Andrea is already advertised on its website as the best restaurant on Illetes beach. This is one of the most elegant restaurants in Formentera. It was founded in 1971, so it is considered the oldest restaurant in Illetes. It is renowned for its palm trees, as locally, it is the only gastronomic establishment that has this detail. Here you will easily meet public figures and celebrities or fall kinds. Open for lunch only. It has a great location, quality food and high prices.

Its website contains its menu, so you can comfortably view it from any place or device.

3. El Pirata

Photo taken from the Trip advisor profile of the restaurant “El Pirata”.

You will recognize it by its iconic flag on top of a skull. El Pirata is one of the most complete restaurants in Formentera. It has good views, quality and price. It offers two atmospheres, the first one for fast food: hamburgers and pizzas, and another one to eat the typical rice and fish dishes on the menu. DJ music is always playing loudly in this place, so if you’re looking to party with friends you’ll have a great time.


4. Es Molí de Sal

Photo taken from the Tripadvisor profile of the restaurant “Es Molí de Sal”.

Es Molí de Sal is unrecognizable because its structure of the old mill, and because it is the only one where the floor is not made of sand. Of those mentioned in this list, it is the one with the highest prices. But don’t worry, the quality is proven and assured. It is ideal if you want peace and quiet and good service. It has a sofa and cushions area outside the restaurant with very good views of the whole beach and part of the island, thanks to the fact that it is the highest.

5. El Tiburón

Photo taken from the Instagram of the restaurant “El Tiburón”.

The least known, but not for that reason of less quality or service. It has good views, is quite young and not very crowded. A great detail if you go in July and August! Its price is in the average if we compare it with other restaurants in Formentera.

6. Beso Beach

beso restaurant formentera
Photo taken from the website of the restaurant “Beso Beach”.

Beso Beach is currently the trendy beach bar. Decorated with youthful aesthetics and full of cool people. The prices are a bit high. It has a good atmosphere, always lived by good DJs. At sunset people usually gather to watch the sun go down in Formentera, at that time there is a mix of people who are eating in the restaurant and those who are arriving in boats. If you are lucky enough to visit, you can order a mojito and witness this magical moment.

7. Sa Sequi

sa sequi restaurant formentera
Photo taken from the Trip advisor profile of the restaurant “Sa Sequi”.

It is the last restaurant on Illetes beach and the closest to the port of La Savina, Formentera’s only port. It is also the only restaurant that does not have a zodiac or boatman service. You can anchor your boat and go down to eat. This place may be theleastcrowdedofallthosewehaveseen, but it is good value and has views comparable tothose of Molí de Sal.

8. Tanga

tanga restaurant
Photo taken from the Trip advisor profile of the restaurant “Tanga”.

Walking along the Levante beach, in Formentera, we will find the restaurant Tanga. This place served its first dishes in 1978, and still surprises visitors. Their prices vary, but the fish, rice dishes and lobsterstew they prepare is still delicious. They also serve simple food such as pizzas and hamburgers.

9. Es Caló

es calo formentera
Photo taken from the web site of the restaurant “Es Caló”.

Also located on the Levante beach, Es Caló has incredible sea views to admire while enjoying its gastronomy. It has a large terrace and very attentive staff. The menu offers a variety of delicious sea food and fish. If you like classic restaurants, you will feel at home here. The price is high.

10. Can Dani

can dani restaurant
Photo taken from the Trip advisor profile of the restaurant “Can Dani”.

This restaurant enjoys great prestige, as it was the first to win a Michelin star in Formentera. It serves an exquisite traditional cuisine, updated with the nuances of four days and faithful to the experience of the place.

Among its most famous dishes are sea bass with sea smoke, sea pesto and suckling pig with shallots. I don’t know about you, but my mouth is watering just naming them.


I hope that with all this information you can plan an experience and enjoy the delicious flavor that the island of Formentera has too offered, without a doubt a paradise that we have to take care of. If you are looking for a personalized experience, take a look at our recommendations.

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If you have any other recommendations, don’t forget to leave them in the comments.