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Top 10 restaurants to get to by boat from Ibiza │ Short reviews

The best way to enjoy Ibiza’s sea is to know where to eat when the appetite strikes. But don’t worry, on our excursions you will always have the hand of a professional to guide you in terms of prices, tastes and flavours. But today we will tell you about the best restaurants to get there by boat.

Remember that in this list we have only mentioned a few, but Mediterranean gastronomy is present in all the Balearic Islands.

Are Ibiza’s restaurants cheap?

Eating out in Ibiza is synonymous with a lot of euors, but don’t get carried away by the comments. Although it is true that you will find many restaurants with high prices, this is not the case. In our post we include proposals for all budgets and most importantly, without losing any quality.

List Of restaurants to get there by boat

Ca n’Alfredo

The restaurant Can’ Alfredo is very popular on the island due to its long service, but the real fame has been achieved through many years of work providing excellent service and exquisite products. Due to its proximity to the port of Ibiza its restaurant is one of the best know non the island.


At Nassau Beach Club you will be greeted by a menu that combines Mediterranean and Asian flavours, although its sea food enjoys the greatest popularity. But that’s no tall, its chill-out lounge and cocktail bar are the reason why thousands of sailors venture to its shores.


Yemanja restaurant never disappoints the hungriest of tourists. Eating with the best views in Spain has never been so easy to achieve. A familiar and cozy atmosphere are the keys to make every visitor fall in love with the restaurant.

Es Boldadó

Es Boldadó is located in the magnificent Cala d’ Hort. Its restaurant combines an incredible view, quality and the true essence of the island. It is open every year round and has plenty of customers to fill up almost every day – no coincidence! Its typical dishes are recommended by many, although I couldn’t decide between lobsters or prawns with garlic.

Es Xarcu

Es Xarcu is the ideal place for your boat, right in front of the restaurant. The Beach bar located in the cove of Es Xarcu has fish and red prawns among its specialties – a delight!


El Pecador is the newest restaurant on this list. But its menu has been irresistible for its diners, mainly its rice dishes, a rice delight! If you’re looking for a place to sin in Ibiza, you’ve come to the perfect place.

Sa caleta

You should know everything about Sa Caleta restaurant, and I’m not exaggerating. Let’s start with its history: it washere, in Sa Caleta, that they built their first settlement, still visible today in the Phoenician settlement that is preserved above the cove. There are no buts about their food, specializing in seafood and Ibizan cuisine. They work with all kinds of fish from the area, such as dentex, sirvia, espardenyas and Ibizan skate. The best advice is that if you want to go for lunch on a Saturday or Sunday, don’t forget to book because it is always packed.

El Bigotes

The restaurant El Bigotes is a must on your private boat. 40 years of experience endorse the restaurant located in Cala Mastella. I could tell you about several dishes, but don’t forget for any reason bullit de peix and their deserts.

La Escollera

Looking for home made and different options? Welcome to La Escollera restaurant, where you will find delicious paella, meats, Thai chicken and vegetarian options. Located in the Natural Reserve of Salines. It’s not your typical beach restaurant because its ambience has nothing to envy to the elegance of a restaurant in Paris.

Blue Marlin

The Blue Marlin holds the title of one of the most trembling clubs in Ibiza. Good atmosphere, music, sunloungers and luxury cocktails are the elements that will make you turn the boat to its cove.

A lot is said about Ibiza in relation to discos, dancing, beaches and partying. But the gastronomy does not disappoint and every year it is gaining strength and its most loyal visitors. If you have any queries about how to explore this attractive destination by boat, we’ll be delighted to help you. Contact Navigate Ibiza by mail or on our website.

Let me know in the comments about your experience in Ibiza’s restaurants and which one you would like to see on this list.