What are the best beaches and coves in Ibiza?

In this article I will tell you about the best beaches and coves in Ibiza. I hope that for a moment you will stop thinking about the classic nights dancing and drinking in its clubs and, on the other hand, you will focus on learning about experiences connected tonature and the magic of this island, best beaches of Ibiza.

Ibiza has a great collection of beaches and coves. From the crowded don to the intimate spaces for a relaxed family atmosphere. I’ll tell you how to get there, which are the most crowded, the best time of the summer to visit them, their restaurants and prices. A whole list to choose from, classified by the area where they are located. Now, let’s get started.

Beaches and coves in the south of Ibiza

The most experienced tourists say that the south of Ibiza has the most beautiful beaches and coves in the world. It has a beautiful sandy bay, turquoise sea and plenty of experiences waiting for you.

Here is my list of my favourite beaches and coves in the south of Ibiza: best beaches of Ibiza.

Las Salinas Beach

Las Salinas is the second longest beach on the island of Ibiza after Embossabeach. It is long and wide, with sand and crystal clear water, it is very well connected by bus, taxi or private car, it has two large car parks where you can leave your car all day for only €5.

It has 4 famous beach clubs: Beso Beach, Malibu, Jockey and Sa Trinxa, where they offer rice and fish typical of the island and the prices are similar.

If you are looking for more privacy, just past the Sa Trinx beach bar you will find small natural and unspoilt coves. You will have a walk of about 20 minutes until you reach the end, where you will find the tower of Es Cavallet, which connects with another beach.

Es Cavallet beach

mejores calas y playas de Ibiza

This beach is some what more intimate than Las Salinas, as it tends to be more exposed to the Levante wind, the predominant wind on the island, which means that you will find a plantor seaweed called Posidonia all along the shore, Es Cavalletis a long, wide beach, where you will have room for your towel at any time of the summer.

The arrival is a fairly narrow road for two cars, about a kilometer or so until you reach the car park. On this beach you will also find nudism and very few peddlers, so you will be able to relax.

Its most famous restaurants: La Escollera and El Criringay, the later is known for its gay atmosphere.

Sa Caleta Beach

The red cliff beach, called Sa Caleta, has two atmospheres when you reach the shore. The first environment is a small sand and quiet area. The second is a somewhat wild area with stones and bits of sand, where you will have to know how to move around to find a good spot.

There is only one restaurant called Sa Caleta, which is open all year round and is of very good quality. Next to this establishment there is a place called El Jardin, a place with tables, chairs and armchairs for snacks and drinks; twodays a week there is live music. An interesting fact is that, if you go there with your own boat, there is no boat man service. Sa caleta cave

Jondal cove

cala Jondal en Ibiza

This cove is well known for its Blue Marlin beach club and the transit fyachts and luxury boats. It has two restaurants on its sides, Es Xarcu and Jimanya, with different price alternatives and good atmosphere.

Cala Jondaliseasily accessibleby car and has two car parksonarival. Do not expect to find sand on the shore as it is made of stones.

If you arrive with your rented boat you will have no problem with anchoring, as these abe dis all sand, and there is a boat man service to take you to the restaurant.

Cap des Falcó

cala cap des falco

A magical place with crystal waters. Only accessible by rented boat. Highly recommended if you like transparent beaches, where you can see the sandy bottom and the big stones. Itis ideal forsnorkelling.

If you are going to rent a boat in Ibiza, you can not miss this stop.

Beaches and coves in the west of Ibiza

The west of Ibiza invites us to a craggy coast line bathed by the sunset and beautiful villages where you can enjoy relaxing and relaxing while admiring nature.

Also, it is in the west of the island where you can find the world famous night life events that have made Ibiza a paradise for partying and fun.

Below is a list of the most famous beaches and coves in the west. Get ready to experience the most authentic Ibiza on this side.

De Hort Cove

This is one of the best beaches in Ibiza. It is considered a must-see. Here you can watch the best sunsets of your life.

It is difficult to get there by car because of the curves, but you won’t tregretit, and before arriving it recommended to make a stop at the view point. You will see a lot of cars on your left. Stop and take in the view. This is a typical image on all post cards soft the island of Ibiza.

Take advantage of it and take the typical photo with the is let behind you! If you tag us on Instagram we will upload it to our stories.

You can eat in one of the two restaurants in the cove: Es Boldado and Cala de Hort. Both have incredible views and the prices are very similar, so don’t miss out on their good paellas.

Tarida Cove

The largest beach in the western part of the island, full of sand and turquoise water. Cala Tarida is situated 10 minutes from the town of San Josep and fifteen minutes from San Antonio, easy to reach by car and very touristic. You will find many places to stay in its flats and hotels.

One of the most famous beach clubs here is Cotton Beach Club, which serves lunch, mojitos, after-dinner drinks and dinners. Come on, I’m ill-ready imagining myself there!

Conta Cove

Cala conta Ibiza

A work of art of nature. Cala Conta is beautiful and very popular with tourists. You can visit it by bus, car, ferry or you can rent a boat to visit it in a more special way.

In this post I have collected the best beaches in Ibiza, according to my experience over the years. Let me know in the comments which is your favorite place in Ibiza that you always recommend.

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Best beaches of Ibiza.